Our Impact 

Mount Carmel Clinic

Mount Carmel Clinic is a non-profit community health centre, committed to helping families live healthier lives.

The $7,000 MDF grant “resulted in a reduced waiting list and increased capacity to serve our community of marginalized individuals”. The monies were utilized “to purchase a drill, and a pre-owned dental chair” that allowed us to provide additional working hours to our dental team which offers ’both patient comfort and ergonomic design allowing our team to work more optimally during procedures. We could not do our good work without the support we receive from generous donors such as

Jay Bodner, Director of Primary Health,
Mount Carmel Clinic 

Siloam Mission

Siloam Mission is a connecting point between the compassionate and Winnipeg’s less fortunate, Siloam Mission is a Christian humanitarian organization that alleviates hardships and provides opportunities for change for those affected by homelessness.

Thanks to the $7,000 donation from the Manitoba Dental Foundation “the Saul Sair Health Centre Clinic has purchased: local anesthetics and dental care supplies; antibiotics for clients that cannot afford them; a DryShield Isolation system and; a new Tuttnauer Sterilization unit.” In the past year, the Saul Sair Health Centre provided 339 dental treatments, distributed over 2,000 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste, and over 1,000 units of dental floss. 

Jim Bell, Chief Executive Officer, Siloam Mission

Healthy Smile Happy Child

Healthy Smile Happy Child (HSHC) is an intersectoral, collaborative partnership that takes an upstream community development approach to engage communities in Early Childhood Caries (ECC) prevention strategies and promotion of early childhood oral health. 

The $7,000 funding provided by MDF “has been very beneficial in allowing us to continue our important work to promote the FFV program, educating parents, caregivers, and all stakeholders of the importance of early childhood oral health, preventing early childhood caries, and assisting with networking opportunities with contacts in all regions of the

Daniella DeMare, Project Coordinator, Healthy Smile Happy Child

Aboutface Foundation

Aboutface Foundation provides life-changing experiences for people with facial differences.

The $7,000 support of the Manitoba Dental Foundation “allowed us to undertake critical outreach and awareness activities, through mail-outs to local referral sources across the province, and through our new public awareness campaign, See Beyond My Face and the Winnipeg CTV News story which features AboutFace community members and local volunteer and Nurse Coordinator Cynthia Pantel: http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/video?clipid=1203093. 

Our activities include “camps for kids with facial differences ages 8 to 18, adult retreats, social outings for affected families, support and networking group calls for adults with facial differences, and supportive resources for new parents of babies with facial differences.”

Danielle Griffin, Executive Director, AboutFace

Never Alone Foundation

Never Alone Foundation is a nationally registered charity committed to improving the lives of people affected by cancer.

The $7,000 funds “were directed to our Dental Support Program, which provides grants to individuals who suffer from dental issues caused by cancer or cancer treatments”.

“People don’t think cancer will lead to dental issues. Once you’re done with the cancer there’s nothing to cover what happens next. Then to have his mouth fall apart and this extraordinary bill to fix it, you know, it’s like what people in the States have to deal with. I don’t know how they deal with that,” 

Amanda Stock, Cancer patient Dave Stock’s wife.

Michael Schiefer, Executive Director, Never Alone Foundation

Other Charities We’ve Made Impacts With